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Uncategorized / 14.12.2017

I love to add touches of Christmas throughout our home. It makes our home feel so festive and cheery! Part 2 of the tour brings us into the kitchen where I added some greenery and some festive Rae Dunn dishes to our coffee bar area. If you missed the project where we removed an entire cabinet for this open shelf then you can read it here on the blog. It was worth it! :) Off the kitchen is our dining room where we gather when we entertain. The dining room was one of my many projects over...

DIY / 06.06.2017

If you're like me and frequently browse Pinterest, then you know that coffee bars are all the rage. Since we moved into our new house, I've had one area in our kitchen setup as a coffee bar. We have a small counter space and cabinet to the left of our fridge that seemed perfect for all of our coffee supplies. Here's a photo from the day we were moving in to give you an idea of the setup I'm talking about. Here's a better view of the area I'm referring...