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living room refresh mood board

Living Room Refresh Mood Board

2020 was quite the year, wasn’t it? Our daughter was born in February just a short time before everything shut down due to the pandemic. Since, we had a newborn, we were extra cautious last year and stayed home and didn’t have many gatherings. Fast forward to today, we are feeling more comfortable to start gathering again thanks to the vaccine and regulations being lifted. We’ve been working on giving our living room a bit of a refresh in preparation for some much anticipated gatherings.

One of the things I did recently was repaint the room. I wasn’t loving the color in there. It often came across as green when it was supposed to be light grey. Before I reveal the room to you, I wanted to share a mood board I came up with of products that inspired me for this refresh. Some of the items we’ve purchased or already own something very similar. All links are to Birch Lane which is one of my favorite places to shop for various home decor items such as our chandelier which you can see here.

I hope you find some inspiration from this like I did. Feel free to Pin anything to your own Pinterest boards! Stay tuned for the living room refresh 🙂

love, Grace

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