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DIY / 01.02.2022

Hi Friends! This past month has felt like the longest month ever! January is always rough for me. Christmas is over and winter is in full gear here in New England. I am not a winter person. January started with us all being exposed to "C" (don't even want to type the word ha!) on Christmas Eve and then the first week back to school, my son contracted the virus. Somehow the rest of us escaped it, but we all had to be home and out of our normal...

Uncategorized / 26.06.2021

2020 was quite the year, wasn't it? Our daughter was born in February just a short time before everything shut down due to the pandemic. Since, we had a newborn, we were extra cautious last year and stayed home and didn't have many gatherings. Fast forward to today, we are feeling more comfortable to start gathering again thanks to the vaccine and regulations being lifted. We've been working on giving our living room a bit of a refresh in preparation for some much anticipated gatherings. One of the things...