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Uncategorized / 26.06.2021

2020 was quite the year, wasn't it? Our daughter was born in February just a short time before everything shut down due to the pandemic. Since, we had a newborn, we were extra cautious last year and stayed home and didn't have many gatherings. Fast forward to today, we are feeling more comfortable to start gathering again thanks to the vaccine and regulations being lifted. We've been working on giving our living room a bit of a refresh in preparation for some much anticipated gatherings. One of the things...

Uncategorized / 08.06.2021

A few years ago, my sister gave me a few peonies from her garden to plant in our yard. I remember the first year after planting, how excited I was to get a single bloom on that plant. Today, we have dozens of blooms. I'm not sure why but this year seems exceedingly abundant. I love it! I hope they continue to spread so I can divide them to plant more throughout the yard. Last year, I remember feeling hesitant about cutting them as they looked so pretty in...