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Uncategorized / 29.03.2016

In part 2 of our home tour, we're moving on up to the second floor. First up, Andrew's bedroom. This was the first room in the house we painted so we could get everything set up for him. Across the hall is another bedroom. This is currently a guest room. Excuse the frog tape container on the floor :) As we go down the hall, we'll come up to the bathroom. Next, is the 3rd bedroom. We are currently using this bedroom while we wait on getting some work done on the...

Uncategorized / 01.03.2016

Welcome back to Home by Grace! I never knew how stressful moving from one house to the next is (especially with a not even 1.5 year old just learning to walk) and you never realize how much junk you have until you move. It's been a busy past few (or several) months. We closed on our new home on Thursday, July 2nd of 2015. That Saturday, we left for vacation for a week so really didn't do much until mid-July. After vacation, we cleaned the house and prepped for painting...