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DIY, Uncategorized / 18.09.2014

When we first were married, we had little to no furniture so we went to A LOT of yard sales. We found a few treasures and a lot of junk. Among the treasures was this butcher block table that we bought for $5. When we bought it, the bottom part of the table was white but it had a lot of stains on it so I quickly painted it. This was one of my first stabs at it where I used Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. This wasn't bad but it was too...

DIY, Uncategorized / 13.08.2014

First, I measured the piece of wood for the sign which was 24 in wide by 6 in high. Then, I laid out the text in a 24x6 document on the computer. I used Adobe Illustrator but you can use any word editor like Microsoft Word. Next, I reversed the text in my document (so it read backwards, I'll explain why below) and then printed it on two 8.5x11 pieces of paper and taped them together since I can't make really large prints with my printer. To distress my sign,...