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New Year, New Blog Name

Happy New Year! I’ve never really been a big New Year’s resolution type person but I do like this time of year because it feels like a fresh start and pushes me to make small changes to my life. I find myself usually trying to get more organized or to fit more time in for exercise. Well, this year is no different but I also am working on some changes to my blog that have been a long time coming. You see, when I came up with Graceful Farmhouse back in 2017, I thought I was being clever in incorporating a word that seemed to be really booming and trending. It wasn’t just the trendiness of Farmhouse that inspired me, I really do love that decor style. However, our home really isn’t a farmhouse. It’s a New England style cape cod. At the time, I figured it was no big deal as long as I’m incorporating farmhouse into my decor which I have and will continue to do. After all, I love cozy blankets, vintage antiques and old wood textures all of which say farmhouse. Once I got my instagram going under that name, however, it seemed like everyone had the name farmhouse tied to their IG handle so I felt like I was getting lost and wasn’t really differentiating myself. Farmhouse is such a broad term that I also feel like doesn’t necessarily describe our home style in the best possible way.

the saltwater cottage cape cod home

As I said earlier, our home is a New England style cape cod. Therefore, I really want to hold on to that. New England is beautiful and the homes here are very unique to the area. I want to bring more of that out in our home. Also, we are very fortunate to be close to some of the most beautiful beaches. I’ve always loved coastal style decor but the last few years I have not really done much with it. I really want to add more of it to our home. Every summer, my family and I vacation in Maine as well as take day trips to different local beaches and we all love it. This has been some of what is inspiring me to really bring out more coastal cottage style to our home. We’d love to own a beach house someday in Maine (goals!) so incorporating some salty vibes into our current home will help tide me over (pun intended!) until we can make it a reality someday 😉The Saltwater Cottage

That brings me to my new blog name The Saltwater Cottage. I will continue to have a lot of the same decor as I love mixing old with new and love antiques but I will also be incorporating more coastal vibes as well. I hope you stick around!


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