New England interior design and home decor | Christmas Coffee Bar with New Shelves
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coffee bar corbel shelves

Christmas Coffee Bar with New Shelves

Last March my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him that I wanted him to build me open shelves for our coffee bar. Fast forward several months and a few projects in between and we have new shelves for our coffee bar. First, let’s recap how they looked then. I had this rustic shelf from Hobby Lobby which I loved but I didn’t feel like it truly fit with the rest of the style of our home.

coffee bar, rustic shelf

To see what this space looked like when we moved in, check out this post from a few years ago. It’s quite different now 🙂

I sold the Hobby Lobby shelf and built these new shelves with a couple 1×12 pine boards and simple wooden corbels from Home Depot.

coffee bar shelves

My inspiration for these shelves came from one of my favorite bloggers whom I’ve followed for many years – Bre from Rooms For Rent. You can see her open shelves here. I love the traditional, timeless look of these shelves. The soft weathered wood tones mixed with the simple, white corbels is classic.

corbel shelves

As I said, I loved the old shelf from Hobby Lobby but I don’t use a lot of black in my decor and while my home is somewhat rustic, it’s also very much traditional especially given the fact that our home is a New England Cape Cod style home.

corbel shelves

I hope you enjoyed seeing our coffee bar transformation and I will share a post on how I built them soon.


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