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linen closet before after

Linen Closet Organization

As the new year rolled in, I thought about what I really want to focus on this year for 2019. I often have the same goals which is usually to eat healthier and exercise more regularly. While that is true and I do want to do all those things, I’d say my main focus for the year is to get organized. We moved into our home 3 years ago and we still have boxes scattered in the basement from that move. We’ve had a lot happen in those last years including having our second son, had hardwood refinished, put in a new front lawn and renovated 3 bathrooms. We’ve certainly kept busy but this year is the year for us to get organized. My first project was our upstairs hallway linen closet. It had reached the point where I couldn’t take the mess anymore.

Here is the before…

home linen closet

disaster right?

We keep our extra sheets, towels and medicine in this closet and trying to find anything was near impossible. If you’ve watched the latest Netflix craze, “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo, then you know the first step in getting organized is taking everything out of the closet which is exactly what I did. We actually have only watched one of her episodes and it was after I reorganized this closet. She does have some good tips on her show and as the tagline says “It will get you off the couch” which for us it actually got us up and cleaning out old DVDs that we don’t watch anymore.

After taking everything out, I put stuff in piles by category. From there, I put things in containers by category and labeled them. Here is the after…

home linen closet

I used garment bags from Bed Bath & Beyond for our extra sheets and labeled them by size.

home linen closet, garment bags

For the medicine, I put it all in clear bins from Target. I like the clear bins because I can easily see everything we have. Doing this, made me realize that we have more than we need so having this closet more organized should help with over-buying.

home medicine closet

I labeled the bins with an affordable Dymo label maker from amazon. I plan to use this for more organizational projects this year.

linen closet before after

I hope you were inspired by this post as I know a lot of you have the same goal as we do in getting organized this year 🙂

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