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farmhouse minimalist wreath

DIY Minimalist Farmhouse Wreath

When the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line came out to Target, I loved the simplicity of the juniper wreath.

 For $20 each, that’s not bad but I knew I could make something similar for much less.

Supplies needed:

• embroidery hoop (around $1)

• hot glue gun

• jute/hemp twine

• greenery stems ($3-$5 on sale)

• scissors

• floral/wire scissors

(*Note: I have floral wire in the picture but I actually didn’t end up using it)

diy minimalist wreath

Start by separating the embroidery hoops. I used the inner rings that didn’t have the metal piece.

diy minimalist wreath

Next, cut a few sprigs of greenery from your branches and put them in place until you find an arrangement that you like.

diy minimalist wreath

Once you’ve decided on their placement, glue them in place.

I glued them on the inside of the ring which seemed to hid the glue well.

farmhouse minimalist wreath

Now take some twine and wrap it around the center.

If you have bells, you could also tie them on here or a bow made out of ribbon would be festive too.

diy minimalist wreath

To finish it off, tie a piece of twine to the top for hanging.

farmhouse diy minimalist wreath

I enjoyed making these so much that I made a few extra and tied them to a birch branch.

These are so simple that they can be used for a variety of different decor projects 🙂

farmhouse minimalist wreath

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