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scroll recycled paper sign

Farmhouse Craft Paper Scroll

If you followed the blog for part 1 of the Christmas home tour then, you might’ve seen the farmhouse craft paper scroll sign in the picture below.

scroll, farmhouse decor

Here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need:

• 1 roll of brown craft paper (usually sold at Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, craft stores, even dollar store sometimes)

• hot glue gun

• jute/hemp twine

• pencil

• black marker

• wooden dowel

• scissors

First, take your roll of craft paper and start rolling it out while rolling up some of the bottom to make a scroll. Roll it out just enough so that your flat area is the size you want to make your sign but also so that the rolls on top and bottom are similar in size. Cut the paper where and if necessary for the size sign you want. I used an old roll of brown paper that had been used up quite a bit already for past projects so I didn’t need to cut it.

scroll craft recycled paper sign

Once you’ve decided on the size, glue the bottom of the scroll in place. Then, glue the top in place.

*  Please excuse these awful pictures. I tried to get the general idea of what I was doing so had to use one hand 🙂  *

scroll craft recycled paper sign

Once you have your scroll made, you can now write on it however you’d like with whatever phrase you’d like. I chose to write in calligraphic style some of the words to Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

To do this, I wrote in cursive in pencil first to get the placement of the text how I wanted it.

scroll craft recycled paper sign

Once you’re happy with the lettering in pencil, you can go over it with black marker.

To give your text a calligraphy style to it you just need to thicken the strokes a bit. To make it look natural, you typically want to try to thicken every downward stroke. You can see in the picture below that I’m thickening the downward strokes of the m.

scroll craft recycled paper sign

Once the writing is done, you’r almost there! The next step is to put your dowel through the top of the scroll and then tie some jute to either side of the dowel so it can hang and you’re done! 🙂

farmhouse scroll craft recycled paper sign

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