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front door -after

Front Door Makeover

One of the first changes I couldn’t wait to make on our house was our front door color. My mom always told me that your front door should be the focal point of your home and that it should be warm and inviting. Not only is it a great way to make your home more inviting but it’s also one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to give your home a boost in curb appeal.

When we first moved in, our front door was painted a burgundy color which wasn’t all that bad. Our house is a light grey blue color so a warm color like burgundy is a good choice as it provides a nice contrast.

Even though it is a fine door color, I really wanted to make our door stand out as I felt the door was a bit dark and got lost. I went back and forth on what color to paint it. My original first choice was to paint it navy blue. However, the dark, burgundy color made me shy away as I was afraid of it getting lost with our house color.

front door - before

I started to think of colors that would provide a nice contrast so I turned to the good ol’ color wheel. The opposite of blue is orange so orange is the complementary color to blue. Orange is not one of my favorite colors so I started thinking of different shades of orange and coral came to mind. I love coral! It’s a wonderful beach-y color. Although we don’t live on the ocean, I figured it would be a great color on our cape style home here in New England.

The color is called Lobster Tail, by Finnaren & Haley.

Our next update may just need to be some new light fixtures but hey, you can’t see that from the curb. 😉

front door -after

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