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Home by Grace is back…

Home by Grace is back and under a new name: Graceful Farmhouse. The main reason for the name change was for technical reasons. My last blog name was hosted through WordPress and wasn’t an actual available .com domain name so I had to find one that I could purchase to be my own. The other reason for the name change is that Graceful Farmhouse is a better fit for describing the style of this blog and my design style. I love to decorate my home in a farmhouse style and I think there are different types of farmhouse style – rustic, industrial, etc. My style leans more towards the elegant or graceful side of farmhouse. Thus, Graceful Farmhouse and it works out that my name is in it too 😉

It’s been a year since my last post which is far too long. A lot has happened with our home in that year and in our lives. We’ve been working on house projects here and there throughout the year that I intend to share with you. We also welcomed our second boy into the world in February.

Here’s a photo of one of my favorite rooms in our house. I will share with you the full before and after in my next post.

living room - after, whitewashed fireplace

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