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Wicker Chair Makeover

I had been looking for a wicker chair that wasn’t too expensive for some time when I finally came upon this one while driving.

It had missing wicker in a few small spots and the red color didn’t quite fit in with my decor but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t take on.

Here’s the original wicker chair. Not terrible but certainly not great either.

old vintage wicker chair diy

See the missing wicker?

old vintage wicker chair diy

It took some brainstorming to figure out what I could use to replace the missing wicker pieces. My first thought was skewers but those are usually too thick. Then, I thought of those little sticks that you get beef teriyaki on from a Chinese restaurant but they would either need to be really cleaned or I’d have to find a place to buy them before any beef touched them. Finally, I found some oil reeds from one of those little scented oil jars from the dollar store and I thought these look like the perfect size!

hot glue gun, scented oil reeds

What do you know? They were exactly the right size and are very flexible for weaving through the wicker so I just weaved ’em through and hot glued them in place.

old vintage wicker chair diy

Next, I wanted to paint the chair to get away from the red. I used Wal-Mart’s cheap 97 cent cans of spray paint as a primer so I wouldn’t have to use all the good stuff for just the base coat. Then, I went over it with Rust-Oleum American Accents 2X Ultra Cover in Canyon Black for the final coat.

Wal-Mart black spray paint

Here it is! It’s a little shiny-er than I would’ve liked because I accidentally used Gloss instead of Satin for the final coat but it’ll do for now.

Eventually, I’d like to get a cushion for the bottom but I’ll have to keep my eye out at HomeGoods come Spring when they’re in season.
Have you ever used something like oil reeds for a project?

old vintage wicker chair diy, vintage shutter with boxwood wreathe and antique blue mason jar

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