Fast forward to today - New England interior design and home decor
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Fast forward to today

We have come a long way since we first bought the place and are continuing to put a lot of work into it.

It’s true when people say you’re always working on and improving your home!

Here is the front. We are currently spreading gravel around the yard so please excuse the random piles you may see.

home flip house renovation diy fixer upper

Right side view.

home flip house renovation diy fixer upper

Left side view.

home flip house renovation diy fixer upper

Finally, the back view. Please excuse the absurd amount of different color brown chairs. 🙂 We put this deck in last fall (which I will write about in another post) so this is our first time using it and we need to figure out the furniture arrangements etc.

home flip house renovation diy fixer upper

That’s the short story of where we started to where we are today and that was only on the exterior just wait ’til we get inside! 😛

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